Szaloncukor is a traditional Hungarian Christmas candy, a real Hungarikum which means that this candy is special, unique and only characteristic of Hungary. It was originally made of fondant, covered by chocolate. It’s wrapped in shiny coloured foil, then hung on the Christmas tree as decoration by using strings or … More

Quince Paste

Quince is one of the most divisive fruits: you love or hate it, but you can’t be indifferent to it. 40-50 types of quince trees are grown worlwide, 10-15 types are well-known in Hungary, Bereczki and Constantinople quinces are the most widespread. They are not grown in large amounts; typically … More

Kugler Cake

As I mentioned in the previous post, Henrik Kugler was the renowned confectioner of Budapest in the 19th century. The cream of the Hungarian aristocracy, as well as artists, writers spent the afternoons in his coffee house, and it was also popular among the foreigners. He often traveled to Paris … More