Vegetable marrow soup


We grow vegetable marrows every year, these giant plants are permanent members of our kitchen garden. Thanks to its high organic salt content marrow supports the function of the liver and pancreas, effectively protects against chronic fatigue and relieves symptoms of hyperactivity. It’s strongly recommended those who suffers from gout … More



Lecsó looks faintly like the French ratatouille, however the main ingredients of this typical Hungarian summer one-course meal are pepper, tomato and onion. There are countless versions of lecsó, everyone has their own recipe for making the perfect lecsó. It can give rise to serious disputes how to chop onion … More

Hungarian apple pie


Hungarian apple pie my favorite dessert. Its grandeur lies in the recipe’s simplicity. Apple and cinnamon wrapped in short pastry – the world’s best flavour combination. It turns the grey weekdays into holiday. I always make this pie as soon as the first summer apples grow ripe. In Hungary we … More