Goosefoot cake – Lúdláb torta

Goosefoot cake / Lúdláb torta

Its popularity is equal to Rigó Jancsi, at hearing its name chocolate fans sigh pleasurably evoking the taste of rum soaked sour cherries hidden in the dark chocolate cream filling. There are no authentic evidences why this dessert has been called goosefoot, but its name has become inseparable from the … More

Chocolate coconut balls – Kókuszgolyó

Coconut chocolate balls / Kókuszgolyó

Chocolate coconut balls are simple, but delicious desserts. You just have to combine the ingredients, shape balls and roll them into shredded coconut. The base of the mass is Hungarian all pupose crackers (háztartási keksz), which are sligthly sweet, crunchy biscuits. The crackers’ taste is not so characteristic, rather neutral, … More



The name of this dessert is another proof of the uniqueness of our language: Hungarian language is cut out for playing with the words and creating witty expressions. The literal translation of búvártúrós could be diving cottage cheese, describing the cottage cheese islands spooned on the batter that sink into … More