Hungarian fisherman’s soup

Fisherman's soup in bogrács

Unfortunately, we Hungarians are not a fish eating nation, the annual fish consumption is insignificant, only the fish sales during the Christmas season can improve the statistics. Though we don’t have seashore, Hungary is rich of lakes and rivers, therefore a wide range of fresh water fish is available. If … More

Lettuce soup

It’s June and lettuce plants are growing their heads industriously in our garden. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about this super plant and show you how we use it in the kitchen. It’s perhaps not surprising that we have to thank the ancient Egyptians for … More

Veal ragout soup with potato dumplings from the Nyírség

Nyírségi gombócleves

This veal ragout soup is so thick you can stand a spoon up in it. 🙂 It originates from the Nyírség, which is the northeastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. It’s made with veal and a lot of vegetables, thickened with white roux and liaison (mixture of egg yolks … More

Hungarian sauerkraut soup – Korhelyleves

Sauerkraut soup

The Hungarian name of this sauerkraut soup is korhelyleves whose literal English translation means drunkard’s soup. It’s eaten traditionally on New Year’s Day  as it’s considered to be an effective cure of hangover.  The soup’s sourish flavour can supposedly relieve the hangover’s unpleasant symptomes – in the absence of personal … More

Leek soup

Leek soup

Leek is a super winter vegetable that plays a leading role in several dishes like soups, one-course meals and side dishes. It’s a low-energy-dense food and contains  various vitamins and minerals, therefore it makes our nourishment variegated during the winter season without eating too many calories. Leek’s origin can’t be … More

Apple soup

Apple soup

The recipe of this apple soup has come down to us from my maternal great-grandmother. The apple is in pleasant harmony with the carrot and parsley root. It’s very important to choose a tart apple variety otherwise the soup will lose its character. It’s an easy-to-make soup, there is only … More