Mocskos tészta – Dirty noodles

Though its name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, mocskos tészta is one of the best pasta I have ever eaten. If you read the ingredients, you may think this dish is a product of new food trends, but it isn’t true. Dirty pasta is an old peasant food that comes from the rural areas of Hungary.

And why is it dirty? Because the cooked pasta is combined with shiny black plum jam, which is ideally homecooked and contains no added sugar. You may find the pairing of sweet plum jam and smoked bacon odd, but trust me, it’s extremely delicious. You can dust the pasta with powdered sugar before serving, but it’s not essential as plum jam is sweet enough.

Mocskos tészta - Dirty noodlesphoto:


  • 400 g wide strip noodles (szélesmetélt)
  • 200 g smoked bacon
  • 6-7 tbsp plum jam
  • 2 tbsp bacon grease

Cook the pasta in a large pot of salty water until tender. Meanwhile fry the chopped bacon until crispy, then set aside.

Once the noodles are done, drain and place them in a big bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of bacon grease to the pasta and give it a good stir to coat evenly. After that combine the pasta with plum jam, then stir in crispy bacon.

Transfer noodles into an ovenproof dish greased with a tablespoon of bacon fat and cook in an oven preheated to 200°C for 25-30 minutes.

Feel free to dust the pasta with powdered sugar.

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