Apricot slices

Apricot slices

The sweet and tart apricot is in season in July, however, due to drought, this year’s yield is lower than usual in Hungary. Inspite of that I managed to find luscious, tree-ripened apricots on the market. I just wanted to make a simple, quick dessert that can be enjoyed after … More

Hungarian vintage cookies part 2: Pilot biscuits

Hungarian pilot biscuits

As you might remember, a few weeks ago I already wrote a post about Győri Keksz, the Hungarian cookie factory. I thought the series should be continued with another emblematic product of the company. Generations have grown up enjoying pilot biscuits, that could also be called as the Hungarian oreo: … More

Crackling scones – Tepertős pogácsa

Tepertős pogácsa

Accroding to historians scones (or pogácsa in Hungarian) are one of the oldest biscuits that were already baked  in the time of the Hungarian conquest. Scones are small, round biscuits popular mainly in the Carpathian Basin and on the Balkans. Their name derives from the word focacea (baked dough), which … More