Langalló – The Hungarian pizza


Langalló, kenyérlángos, töki pompos, Scythian pizza – they all are the names of an old Hungarian food. Langalló is a flat bread, similar to the traditional Italian pizza, but instead of tomato sauce it’s topped with sour cream, bacon, sausage, onion and cheese. A long time ago bread baking was … More

Pan-fried pork blade steaks in Gypsy style

Pan-fried pork blade steaks

It’s time to introduce a weighty representative of the Hungarian, more precisely the Gypsy gastronomy to you. (Here I would like to call the attention of  fitness devotees and healthy lifestyle gurus that the following rows may disturb the peace.) Pan-fried pork blade steaks in Gypsy style are real macho … More

Potato dumplings with bryndza

Potato dumplings with bryndza

Although Bryndzové halusky is actually a Slovak dish, the recipe can’t be omitted from my list. The Slovaks are the third largest minority in Hungary, according to the estimates of minority organisations, there are about 100,000-110,000 people with Slovak ancestry. Most of them live around the hills of Pilis and in … More