Hungarian leaf fat pastry – Hájas tészta

Hungarian leaf fat pastry / Hájas tészta

Humans have been eating fats for hundreds of thousands of years, but due to the fear of high cholesterol, animal fats were demonized a few decades ago, and the antipathy against them still exists, though it’s slowly decreasing. Animal fats are less harmful to health than, for example, trans fats, … More

Hungarian cornmeal squares with plum jam – Kukoricaprósza

Corn meal squares with plum jam / Kukorica prósza

This post is about an old Hungarian dessert, which comes from the western part of our country; Somogy, Zala and Vas counties are the homeland of the hearty dish called prósza. Prósza, which means lepény (pie), was the food of poor families in the old times, later it fell into … More