Noodles with cabbage – made in a somewhat different way

Cabbage and noodles / Káposztás tészta

Fried cabbage with noodles is an old dish of the Hungarian cuisine, which often appears on the households’ dining table. The authentic version of káposztás tészta (this is how it’s called in Hungarian) consists of two main ingredients: square shaped noodles boiled in a large pot of salty water and … More

Veal ragout soup with potato dumplings from the Nyírség

Nyírségi gombócleves

This veal ragout soup is so thick you can stand a spoon up in it. 🙂 It originates from the Nyírség, which is the northeastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. It’s made with veal and a lot of vegetables, thickened with white roux and liaison (mixture of egg yolks … More

Potato dumplings with bryndza

Potato dumplings with bryndza

Although Bryndzové halusky is actually a Slovak dish, the recipe can’t be omitted from my list. The Slovaks are the third largest minority in Hungary, according to the estimates of minority organisations, there are about 100,000-110,000 people with Slovak ancestry. Most of them live around the hills of Pilis and in … More