How to make Hungarian sausage

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  1. Joseph Acs says:

    Love the explanation of different region of Hungary. Good job.

  2. Tina Bordacs says:

    Please explain how to cold smoke at home. Thank you for the recipes. My mum comes from Dunaharisty.

    • Eszter says:

      Hello Tina, There are different technics to make cold smoke, I can share with you how we do that. We have a separate place/chamber for smoking sausages. Outside that chamber there is a little stove, in which hardwood and sawdust are burnt. Smoke is transferred into the smoking chamber by a ventilator, so there is no open fire in the place where the sausages are hung. The temperature should be between 15-25 °C in order to avoid that fat melts in sausage.

  3. D Novak says:

    Excellent and informative article. It’s almost impossible to find good Hungarian kolbaz near me. Bought a meat grinder/sausage stuffing attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and want to make some. Have questions: where can I get casings, what size and type are preferable? Source for small batch(10-15 lbs.) detailed recipes? How to build/ locate a suitable cold smoker? These are just what comes immediately to mind…would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you.

    • Eszter says:

      Hello, Casings can be bought in the butcher shop. You can use small intestine or artificial casings, butcher can answer your questions. The recipe above is also suitable for small batches, just divide the quantities proportionally. Concerning cold smoker I recommend doing some searches in Google.

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