Homemade fermented cucumbers

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  1. Julie Regos says:

    Szervusz! I would like recipe for winter pickles. We make delicious summer pickles like the ones in your recipe but my husband, az uborka felesoswants the other winter version that uses grape or sour cherry leaves to help keep the cucumbers crunchy. Do you have a recipe like that?
    Thank you, Julie Regos

  2. star says:

    what serves the bread ,i make successful pickles without any bread .

  3. star says:

    why all vegetable gets fermented without the bread ,except pickles ?

    • Eszter says:

      In Hungary we generally ferment only 3 vegetables: cabbage/sauerkraut (without bread), turnips (without bread), cucumbers (with bread). Therefore I have no experience with other veggies. If you asked 10 Hungarians, 10 would say that a slice of bread or a few slices of raw potato are needed to make fermented pickles. That’s the tradition.

  4. star says:

    the question now only remains whether adding lets say potatoe to the pickles which will kick start a fermentation ,do i gain better beneficial bacteria then regular sour pickles which acquire the probiotics of pickling which is done without fermentation but wish salt and garlic and pickling spices ,in other words one done or doesn’t interfere with the other ?by adding the potato am getting all the pickling biotic ,and adds fermenting biotic ?? and why do you prefer bread over potato ?

    • Eszter says:

      Thanks to surdough bread contains lactic acid bacteria, so if you add a slice of bread to the cucumbers, the lactic acid fermentation will start sooner.
      Those who suffer from gluten sensitivity use raw potato slices. The glucose content of potato, which is much less than bread, can also facilitate the lactic acid fermentation, however it dissolves slowlier in the brine. The taste of pickles fermented with potato is not so characteristic, rather sourish-salty, fermentation with bread provides a unique, stronger taste.

  5. star says:

    so lactic acid is the name of the game ,how about using dairy which has the most of it ” or how about just supplementing the pickles with lactic acid ”
    and after all am i getting something, that plain pickles without the bread does not provide ?
    Lactic acid plays a key role in the fermentation process that produces kimchi, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers.meaning that the actual pickling of the cucumber will get me the lactic acid as well “

    • Eszter says:

      I’ve never used dairy products and store-bought lactic acid for fermentation, therefore I can’t tell you anything about them.
      Cucumbers fermented with bread are done in 3-4 days, but they are eaten instantly, they keeps only for a few days.
      Making sauerkraut doesn’t require bread or additional lactic acid bacteria, however the duration of its fermentation lasts more than 3 weeks. But after that sauerkraut keeps for months.
      The aim of fermentation is to preserve vitamin C and other water-soluble vitamins of the plant, therefore lactic acid fermented vegetables are richer in Vitamins and minerals than plain pickles.

  6. star says:

    Lactic acid plays a key role in the fermentation process that produces kimchi, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers.so am getting the lactic acid fermentation any ways ,with or without the bread ,isent it healthier the longer slower process of lactic fermentation which is without the bread which takes 3-4 weeks

    • Eszter says:

      The result of both methods is the same, a healthy food which is full of Vitamins and minerals.

  7. star says:

    would love to correspond with who ever prefer the bread method ,which rush up the fermentation ,while slower fermentation is healthier as we see in sourdough bread baking ,does anyone find any benefits as far health concerned with the bread method ??

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