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Wax bean stew

Wax bean stew

In Hungary wax beans or yellow beans are more popular than green beans, soup and stew (főzelék) are more often made with them. Wax beans do not contain chlorophyll, this is the reason why...

Yellow split pea stew / Sárgaborsó főzelék

Yellow split pea stew – Sárgaborsó főzelék

Hungarian főzelék (vegetable stews) can be made not just from fresh vegetables, but from dried legumes, too. Split peas (sárgaborsó, felesborsó in Hungarian) are available any time of the year and perfect choice for...

Green pea stew

Green pea stew with bay leaf and vinegar

Hungary is the homeland of főzelék, which can be described in English as a thick vegetable stew. Főzelék is a special category in the Hungarian cuisine, thicker than a soup, but thinner than a...

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