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Polenta dumplings in milk

Tejes kása – Polenta dumplings in milk

Tejes kása is an old peasant food made from only five ingredients, which was often on the tables in Békés (a small town in South-Eastern Hungary) and on the farms around the settlement. Tejes...



Bálmos is an old Transylvanian dish, a kind of polenta made from coarsly ground cornmeal, bacon and sheep milk cheese. It was originally prepared with fatty whey, a byproduct of the manufacture of cheese....

Transylvanian beef stew

Transylvanian beef stew with polenta

Transylvanian beef stew belongs to the large family of tokány, which is a kind of stew that doesn’t contain paprika, seasoned with black pepper and tomato instead. Tokány is not equal with pörkölt; the...

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