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Potato strudel

Potato strudel

We can call these rolls the poor men’s strudel because in lean years when poppy seeds and walnuts were not avaible or people couldn’t afford them, potato was the cheapest choice to have strudel....

Apple and cottage cheese strudels

Házi rétes – Homemade strudel

I’m sure many Hungarians have a sweet memory of their grandmothers walking around the kitchen table and stretching briskly and routinely a strudel dough until the white table cloth appears under the wafer-thin dough....

Százrétű rétes / Hundred layered strudel

Layered strudel cake – Százrétű rétes

Hundred layer strudel or prekmurska gibanica – even though it’s a traditional Slovenian dessert,  transborder Hungarians living in Slovenia often bake this cake, so it has place in my recipe collection. If you see...

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