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Walnut cake

Walnut cake

This walnut cake was my grandmother’s favourite dessert. She learned the recipe from a friend of hers in 1959 and she always made it at Christmas and Easter. The cake consists of a walnut...

Törökméz - Honeycomb toffee

Törökméz – Honeycomb toffee

Honeycomb toffee or törökméz as it’s called in Hungarian is a popular treat loved by children and grown ups alike. It is certainly one of the most fun confectioneries you can make in the...

Braised red cabbage

Braised red cabbage

Braised red cabbage is the obligatory side dish of duck and goose roasts in Hungary. There are a number of ways to cook red cabbage but the most common is to braise it. It...

Hunter style beef with bread roll dumplings / Vadas marha zsemlegombóccal

Hunter style beef with bread roll dumplings

Vadas is a popular preparation method of game meat, but it works well with beef, too. Vadas or hunter style meat is a complex and rich dish with the fine balance of sweet and...

Dobos torta

Dobos torte

Dobos torte is the best and most famous Hungarian torte made of 6 paperthin sponge cake layers, filled with chocolate butter cream and topped with caramel slices. This six-layer cake was named after József...

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