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Ostoros kalács

Ostoros kalács

Can you imagine a world without kalács? I can’t. Sweet bread can make any day festive, its scent drives away stress and nagging details. Kalács is an integral part of Hungarians’ life, it’s baked...

Leipzig slices / Lipcsei szelet

Leipzig slices – Lipcsei szelet

It’s not clear whether this cake was named after the largest city of Saxony, or its contriver’s family name was Lipcsei / Leipzig, but it’s sure that it’s a 50-60 year old recipe, which...



The name of this dessert is another proof of the uniqueness of our language: Hungarian language is cut out for playing with the words and creating witty expressions. The literal translation of búvártúrós could...

Mézes tészta

Honey-vanilla squares / Mézes tészta

As I haven’t found better translation for mézes tészta, I decided to use the term honey-vanilla squares. Honey-flavoured cakes are very mouth-watering, but you have to be very patient until the first bites since...

Banana leaf 3

Banana leaves from Orosháza

Banana leaf is a brioche-like pastry, that is named after its shape, and contrary to its name it doesn’t contain banana. It’s made from a simple sweet dough similar to brioche, filled with butter...


Heavenly apricot pie

Sweet. Fragrant. Beautiful. These three words come to my mind when we are talking about apricot. It’s one of the most valueable and healthy fruits. It’s perhaps the best source of vitamin A, beside...

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