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Ring doughnuts

Ring doughnuts

Sometimes even the tiniest thing is enough to make us feel all right for a moment. To me, biting into a doughnut is one of those things. While not a healthy dessert, jam or...

Rose doughnuts - Rózsafánk

Rose doughnuts – Rózsafánk

Rose doughnuts shine like gems among the carnival desserts. Making these very spectacular pastries is not as difficult as it looks. It requires patience and some handiness, but it’s a good opportunity for creative...

Raised crullers / Kelt csöröge

Raised crullers – Kelt csöröge

Carnival celebrations are in full swing and we come to our next doughnut. Crullers or csörögefánk are small pastries made of rich, sweetened dough twisted or curled, and fried in deep fat. Csöröge known...

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