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Layered swiss chard

Layered Swiss chard

Despite its name, red Swiss chard (mángold in Hungarian) did not originate in Switzerland, it’s native to the Mediterranean region. All chard varieties are descendants of the sea beet, and they were already cultivated...

Húsos galuska - Meaty dumplings

Húsos galuska – Meaty dumplings

Meaty dumplings are a no fuss noodle dish that can help you solve your “what’s for lunch/dinner” dilemma. It’s a combination of the popular Hungarian galuska (or nokedli) and a thick stew made from...


Lebbencs soup with ground pork

Lebbencs is one of the simplest noodles that are used in the Hungarian cuisine. It’s the main ingredient of slambuc and túrós csusza, and it’s also the base of the following flavorful lebbencs soup....

Stefánia meatloaf

Stefánia meatloaf

Stefánia meatloaf is the big brother of pork patties. It’s prepared from a similar meat mixture, stuffed with hardboiled eggs, and instead of pan-frying it’s baked in the oven. Hardboiled eggs are sometimes replaced...


Stuffed peppers in tomato juice

A light summer dish with low carbohydrate content. It’s always made of sweet wax peppers, the most common type of peppers produced in Hungary. Cecei, one of the Hungarian wax pepper varieties is registered...

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