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Walnut-vanilla cake

Walnut-vanilla cake

This walnut-vanilla cake is an old family recipe. It consists of two different cake layers and a cooked cream filling, which is enriched with creamed butter and ground walnuts. One of the cake layers...

Eszterházy torta / Eszterházy cake

Esterházy torta

The origin of Esterhazy torta is not really identifiable, this is the reason why so many versions circulate in the different recipe collections. This Hungarian cake was invented in the 19th century by unknown...

Wasp nest / Darázsfészek

Wasp nest – Darázsfészek

Fortunately this wasp nest has nothing to do with those angry insects, darázsfészek in this case means yeast pastry rolls with creamed butter and/or ground walnuts. These walnut “snails” are generally served as a...

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