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Női szeszély / Women's whim cake

Női szeszély – Women’s whim cake

Női szeszély is an old Hungarian recipe, which was very popular decades ago. The origin of its name isn’t known, but the different versions that float around may suggest that the ingredients women used...

Eszterházy torta / Eszterházy cake

Esterházy torta

The origin of Esterhazy torta is not really identifiable, this is the reason why so many versions circulate in the different recipe collections. This Hungarian cake was invented in the 19th century by unknown...

Bonfire stack / Máglyarakás

Bonfire stack – Máglyarakás

Bonfire stack or máglyarakás is a good example for food recycling: stale bread, crescents or sweet bread (kalács) take on a new meaning in this very simple, but variable dessert. This dainty is actually...

Cat's eye

Cat’s eye – Macskaszem

The origin of cat’s eye or macskaszem is lost in the mists of time, but it’s sure that it belongs to the old fashioned Hungarian granny desserts. It’s likely that this pastry was named...


Floating islands

Meringue floating on crème anglaise – this is the composition of this simple and light dessert of French origin. In Europe it’s known by different names: in France it’s called oeufs à la neige...

Hungarian curd cheese squares

Hungarian curd cheese squares in Rákóczi style

This sophisticated cake was named after János Rákóczi, a Hungarian confectioner and chef (1897-1966), its recipe was first published for a food magazine in 1937. It aquired international attention at the Expo in Brussels...

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