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Sausage scones

Sausage scones

There are hundreds of pogácsa recipes, but the common feature of Hungarian scones is that they all have egg, yeast and a considerable amount of fat (butter or lard) in their dough. Pogácsa can...

Crackling scones without folding

Easy-to-make crackling scones

Although I have already published a recipe for classic crackling scones, today I brought you a new recipe that shows how to make crackling scones in a quicker and easier way. This dough doesn’t...

Tepertős pogácsa

Crackling scones – Tepertős pogácsa

Accroding to historians scones (or pogácsa in Hungarian) are one of the oldest biscuits that were already baked  in the time of the Hungarian conquest. Scones are small, round biscuits popular mainly in the...

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