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Walnut sour cherry bread pudding

Walnut sour cherry bread pudding

This bread pudding is actually the summer version of the well known mákos guba. It’s similarly made with stale crescents soaked in vanilla custard. Instead of poppy seeds, however, I use ground walnuts and...

Golden walnut dumplings / Aranygaluska

Golden walnut dumplings – Aranygaluska

Aranygaluska is a Hungarian Jewish dessert, generally baked for Purim. The name aranygaluska literally means “golden dumpling” and by the 1880s, this dessert was being referred to in Hungarian literature. Hungarians who immigrated to...

Russian cream torte

Russian cream torte – Oroszkrém torta

The recipe of Russian cream torte appeared and was widepsread between the World Wars. Despite its name this torte has nothing to do with the Russians; it was invented by a Hungarian pastry chef,...

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