Hungarian pork jelly – Kocsonya

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  1. Jerome Paich says:

    Ingredients and material to make Kocsonya
    Begin early in the morning, it could take up to 4 or 5 hours.
    Refrigerator overnight to jell (38-40 F.)

    One large pot to hold 3 Pork Hocks, 3 pigs feet cut length wise and one package of Ox Tails.
    Soup spoon of finely ground black pepper corns.
    One and ½ Garlic bulbs cleaned and left whole.
    Salt, a sprinkle.
    4 Bay leafs.
    3 or 4 Beef Buillian cubes.
    One serrated knife used to remove the meat and fat from Ox Tails and Pigs feet.
    One fine screen for removing froth/foam.
    A grinder using ¼ inch plate to grind the meat.

    Burn off any hairs from the Pork Hocks.
    Place all of the meat into the pot of warm water to soak and remove blood until its clear.
    Use a low flame and cover the pot so there is room for vapor to escape.
    Remove the froth or foam from the liquid using the screen. Do not remove any oil.
    Use a fork into a Pork Hock to see if it is tender.

    Then remove all the meat into a bowl.
    Pour the soup into a hand held strainer, any garlic remove and put into the soup. The strainer removes only the froth not the fat.
    Use the serrated knife to cut the meat and fat from the Ox Tails.
    Grind the meat.
    Mix the ground meat into the plastic containers and soup. Do not cover the containers.
    Put the containers into the refrigerator. In the morning remove the top layer of fat using a spoon and wiping the fat off on a newspaper.
    A little salt or vinegar

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