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Sour cream crescents

Sour cream crescents

Besides bread rolls crescents are the most popular bakery products in Hungary. The number of crescent types is infinite, they can be varied in many ways. The following recipe is very simple, though it...

Walnut sour cherry bread pudding

Walnut sour cherry bread pudding

This bread pudding is actually the summer version of the well known mákos guba. It’s similarly made with stale crescents soaked in vanilla custard. Instead of poppy seeds, however, I use ground walnuts and...

Paprika crescent

Paprika crescents

The recipe of paprika crescents originates from the region of Kalocsa, a small town on the Southern Great Plain, 110 kilometres from Budapest, near the Danube’s left bank. Kalocsa is famous not only for...

Salty crescents

Salty crescents – Sós kifli

In Hungary most people choose some kind of bakery product for breakfast, salty crescent or sós kifli is among the most popular ones. Salty crescents can bring on nostalgia, especially the members of the...

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