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Papsapka looks like cottage cheese bundles, but it still differs. This oddly named pastry, which means priest’s cap in English, refers to the form of biretta, a square cap with three or four peaks...

Noodles with semolina / Grízes tészta

Noodles with semolina – Grízes tészta

Noodles with semolina are a divisive food: it gives a lot of people the creeps, others even ask for a second helping. Though it’s a 10 minute dish requiring only a few ingredients, there...

Ischler cookies

Ischler cookies

Ischler is an Austrian confection, named after the famous spa town Bad Ischl that Franz Joseph I of Austria chose for his summer residence. Bad Ischl lies in the southern part of Upper Austria,...

Czech donut

Tarkedli, the Czech donut

Tarkedli (or talkedli) is a Czech donut that appeared in the Hungarian cuisine first in the 19th century. In the sometime Austro-Hungarian Monarchy the wealthier families liked to employ Czech female chefs who were...

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