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Csotros kalács

Csotros kalács

I first saw this pastry in Gasztroangyal, a Hungarian series presenting our country’s regions and traditional foods. The recipe original name was twisted challah (sodort kalács), however the German grandmother of the lady, who...

Mézes zserbó

Mézes zserbó – Honey Gerbeaud slices

Mézes zserbó and classic Gerbeaud slices have only 2 things in common: both of them are made up of 4 cake layers and topped with chocolate glaze. Contrary to classic zserbó the dough of...

Coconut cubes

Hungarian coconut cubes

Coconut isn’t a typical Hungarian ingredient, but there are a few Hungarian recipes that call for shredded coconut. One of those is coconut cubes. Many people think, wrongly, that those cubes are made of...

Mézes tészta

Honey-vanilla squares / Mézes tészta

As I haven’t found better translation for mézes tészta, I decided to use the term honey-vanilla squares. Honey-flavoured cakes are very mouth-watering, but you have to be very patient until the first bites since...

Mézes krémes

Mézes krémes

Mézes krémes is a delectable dessert, which is an excellent representative of those typical Hungarian cakes that are made from kneaded dough and cooked filling. Mézes krémes is a honey flavoured pastry filled with...

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