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Sweet millet dumplings - Kölesgombóc

Sweet millet dumplings – Kölesgombóc

Millet (köles) was grown in the Kingdom of Hungary for centuries, it was an important food of everyday diet in the Middle Ages until its cultivation was pushed into the background by wheat and...

Strawberry millet squares / Epres kölesmálé

Strawberry millet squares/ Epres kölesmálé

Did you know that millet can be a great base of delicious desserts? The Hungarian kölesmálé is a good example how this grain can be used in a different, sweet way. Cook the millet...

Hungarian layered millet mush / Magyaros köleskása

Hungarian layered millet mush

Millet is one of those ancient grains that have been used throughout the ages and across many countries, and have played an important role in human consumption. It has a 10.000 year long history,...

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