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Esterhazy chicken ragout

Esterházy chicken ragout

The Esterházys, one of the oldest aristocratic Hungarian families, were the largest land owners in Hungary and possessed a private fortune even larger than that of the Habsburg emperors whose supporters they were. Several...

Pandour's soup / Pandúrleves

Pandúrleves – Pandour’s soup

This soup is named after pandours, originally Serbian and Croatian soldiers who were on duty at the southern borders of the Hungarian kingdom. Later in the 19th century, between 1867-1881 (before the national gendarmerie...

Hunter style beef with bread roll dumplings / Vadas marha zsemlegombóccal

Hunter style beef with bread roll dumplings

Vadas is a popular preparation method of game meat, but it works well with beef, too. Vadas or hunter style meat is a complex and rich dish with the fine balance of sweet and...

Pork ragout soup with tarragon

Pork ragout soup with tarragon

The homeland of dishes with tarragon is Transylvania, this versatile herb has a long tradition in the Transylvanian cuisine. Tarragon has an intense flavour that’s a unique mix of sweet anis and a mild...

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