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Bálmos is an old Transylvanian dish, a kind of polenta made from coarsly ground cornmeal, bacon and sheep milk cheese. It was originally prepared with fatty whey, a byproduct of the manufacture of cheese....

Roast of Torda - Tordai pecsenye

Tordai pecsenye – Roast of Torda

The homeland of this simple, but divine pork roast is Torda, a town near Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) in Transylvania. Roast of Torda is usually served as a part of the Fatányéros (Mixed Grill), which is...

Transylvanian sour cabbage rolls

Transylvanian sour cabbage rolls

Stuffed cabbage can be called as one of the basic foods of the Hungarian cuisine, it has a big cult in the Hungarian inhabited regions, only stews can rival this gorgeous dish in popularity....

Transylvanian beef stew

Transylvanian beef stew with polenta

Transylvanian beef stew belongs to the large family of tokány, which is a kind of stew that doesn’t contain paprika, seasoned with black pepper and tomato instead. Tokány is not equal with pörkölt; the...


Tokány with pickled cucumber

The easiest and at the same time the most difficult thing in making tokány is that you can cook it as you like it. There are so many variants known that the word tokány...


Chicken csorba soup

Csorba soup is an emblematic meal of the Transylvanian cuisine. There are many different csorba recipes, so you can make experiments to find the best that meets your taste. It can be made from...

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