Paprikás krumpli – Potato stew

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Vegetable dishes

Paprikás krumpli is a typical homemade dish, you can’t eat it in restaurants. It takes only 25-30 minutes to prepare this great stew, so it’s ideal for summer cookouts. It can be cooked on the stove or in bogrács, no matter what you choose, the quality of the paprikás krumpli depends on 3 ingredients: potato, grease and paprika.

It’s important to use waxy potatoes that hold their shape well after cooking. Concerning grease lard is the only acceptable alternative (rendered lard of smoked bacon is the best), oil would be equivalent to a sacrilege in this case. Paprika should be Hungarian, failing that buy the best paprika available near your home.

Though potato is stodgy enough in itself and pairing it with noodles is against common sense, there is a large group of people (my family is also included) who make paprikás krumpli with nokedli, egg barley or pinched noodles. Good timing is essential, noodles have to be added to the stew before potatoes are done.
Potato stew is best served with fermented cucumbers, but it also goes well with cucumber salad.

Paprikás krumpli / Potato stew
Paprikás krumpli – photo:
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