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Mini salty crescent rolls

Mini salty crescent rolls

While salty crescents are eaten for breakfast, these mini crescent rolls are a popular homemade snack, which is usually made when you have guests or you are just craving something salty. These soft crescent...

Caraway seed soup / Köménymagos leves

Caraway seed soup – Köménymagos leves

Caraway seed soup belongs to the group of those dishes that every Hungarian knows, but cracks in its reputation can’t be hidden. Caraway seed soup is very divisive, it gives most of my countrymen...

Hungarian sausage unsmo

How to make Hungarian sausage

Winter is the season of pig slauther in Hungary, the time when you wake up at the weekend to the noise of  gas cylinders used to singe the pigs and when the vermilian sausages...

Cabbage soup

Cabbage soup

This cabbage soup is my mother’s speciality, I even venture to say that no one cooks it in the same way in Hungary. The widespread version prepared in many households is the Frankfurter soup...

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