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Mákos guba - Poppy seed bread pudding

Mákos guba – Poppy seed bread pudding

Mákos guba is a mystical food: it’s dry and soggy, salty and sweet at the same time. It’s a dessert, but it’s often served as a main dish after hearty soups. But one thing...

Poppy seed noodles - Mákos tészta

Poppy seed noodles – Mákos tészta

Making this dish is the quickest way to enjoy poppy seeds instantly. There’s no kneading, no waiting, just cook some noodles and combine them with ground poppy seeds and sugar (you can replace sugar...

Chocolate-raspberry-poppy seed squares

Chocolate-raspberry-poppy seed squares

When I found the recipe of these chocolate-raspberry-poppy seed squares, I didn’t even think that they would be so gorgeous. They are really addictive, my family asked me to keep them in the repertoire....



As the saying goes if you want to eat good flódni, you’ll have to visit Hungary. The homeland of flódni is Hungary, but nowadays it’s also offered in other parts of the world as...

Poppy seed potato dumplings

Poppy seed potato dumplings – Mákos nudli

Hungarian nudli is a kind of potato dumplings, similar to the Italian gnocchi. It’s made of a light potato dough (it’s actually the same dough used for plum dumplings), which is rolled into ropes...

Cat's eye

Cat’s eye – Macskaszem

The origin of cat’s eye or macskaszem is lost in the mists of time, but it’s sure that it belongs to the old fashioned Hungarian granny desserts. It’s likely that this pastry was named...

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