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Redcurrant-semolina cream cake

Redcurrant-semolina cream cake

Currants are member of the genus Ribes in the gooseberry family Grossulariaceae, they have long been cultivated in Europe. The berries grow in clusters on shrubs that thrive in northern climates with warm summers...

Breaded semolina porridge squares

Breaded semolina porridge squares

We Hungarians love breading foods. The standard three-step breading process works on a variety of meats, cheese and vegetables – and surprisingly, also on semolina porridge (tejbegríz). A dense semolina porridge is spread evenly...

Darafelfújt - Semolina pudding souffle

Darafelfújt – Semolina pudding souffle

Búzadara or gríz – these are the two Hungarian words we use for the gritty, coarse particles of wheat (regardless of the wheat’s type) that are milled down after extracting finer flour. Darafelfújt or...

Noodles with semolina / Grízes tészta

Noodles with semolina – Grízes tészta

Noodles with semolina are a divisive food: it gives a lot of people the creeps, others even ask for a second helping. Though it’s a 10 minute dish requiring only a few ingredients, there...

Semolina dumplings / Grízgaluska

Semolina dumplings – Grízgaluska

Chicken broth is often served in Hungary with semolina dumplings. Making those fluffy dumplings is always a great challenge because you have to find the fine balance between the dry and wet ingredients in...


Kaiserschmarrn – Császármorzsa

Though Kaiserschmarrn is basically an Austrian dessert, but due to the years our country spent in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy it has been tightly integrated into the Hungarian cuisine, as well. Kaiserschmarrn translates in English...

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