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Noodles with semolina / Grízes tészta

Noodles with semolina – Grízes tészta

Noodles with semolina are a divisive food: it gives a lot of people the creeps, others even ask for a second helping. Though it’s a 10 minute dish requiring only a few ingredients, there...

Semolina dumplings / Grízgaluska

Semolina dumplings – Grízgaluska

Chicken broth is often served in Hungary with semolina dumplings. Making those fluffy dumplings is always a great challenge because you have to find the fine balance between the dry and wet ingredients in...


Kaiserschmarrn – Császármorzsa

Though Kaiserschmarrn is basically an Austrian dessert, but due to the years our country spent in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy it has been tightly integrated into the Hungarian cuisine, as well. Kaiserschmarrn translates in English...

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