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Layered egg barley

Layered egg barley

Similar to layered potatoes this egg barley dish is made up with sliced sausages and hard boiled eggs, it’s, however, also turbocharged with an extra layer of lecsó ( you know the Hungarian ratatouille...

Hungarian egg barley soup / Tarhonyaleves

Hungarian egg barley soup – Tarhonyaleves

Tarhonya, this traditional Hungarian egg-based pasta can be considered the heritage of the nomadic lifestyle of past Hungarian sheperds: wandering across the steppes to graze the livestock required foods to be quick and easy...


Sheperd’s noodles / Pásztortarhonya

Pásztortarhonya is a typical Hungarian one-pot meal, a great and filling legacy of old times. Hungarians’ ancestors were stock-breeder and they lived a nomadic life, therefore they were forced to cook simple, but substantial...