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Mézes zserbó

Mézes zserbó – Honey Gerbeaud slices

Mézes zserbó and classic Gerbeaud slices have only 2 things in common: both of them are made up of 4 cake layers and topped with chocolate glaze. Contrary to classic zserbó the dough of...

Túró Rudi torta

Túró Rudi torta

Túró Rudi is one those things that makes the Hungarian heart beat faster. It’s the sweets Hungarians living abroad miss the most. This popular cottage cheese filled chocolate bar has been produced since 1968....

Striped butter cookies

Striped butter cookies

These striped disks are not only showy, but also yummy. I think shortcrust pastry is the most perfect and most delicious dough for cookies, other types of dough can’t be a match to it....

Házi krémes

Hungarian krémes

Mille-feuille, mille foglie, Napoleon, vanilla slice, Crèmeschnitte, krémes – several names, but one recipe. They all refer to a much-loved dessert eaten all over the world which is made up of puff pastry and...


Floating islands

Meringue floating on crème anglaise – this is the composition of this simple and light dessert of French origin. In Europe it’s known by different names: in France it’s called oeufs à la neige...

Mézes tészta

Honey-vanilla squares / Mézes tészta

As I haven’t found better translation for mézes tészta, I decided to use the term honey-vanilla squares. Honey-flavoured cakes are very mouth-watering, but you have to be very patient until the first bites since...

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