Diós kosárka – Walnut filled shortcrust pastry cupcakes

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4 Responses

  1. Grace says:

    These sound delicious. I’m wondering if they could be made with poppy seeds in place of walnuts?

  2. Robert Gertner says:

    Hi Eszter – I tried your recipe for Diós kosárka and am very happy with the result. I have been browsing your recipes for some time (even bookmarked your flódni) and finally gave one of your recipes a try. My parents are Hungarian having left in 1956, and I was born in Australia. My Hungarian is limited, and whilst I do enjoy looking at recipes and videos in Hungarian, it is a welcome support to have something so clear and well presented in English to fall back on. I am actually having one of these tarts now with coffee as I write this – yum. I had no lemons at the moment and left the lemon zest out but everything else followed the recipe. I did not have the shells so I used a muffin tray lined with paper cupcake holders. It turned out perfectly and I took them over to my brother’s place and also packed a few for my parents. Of course they all loved it especially the tanginess of the apricot jam with the walnuts. One other nice thing to come from your recipe is how I worked with the off-cuts. I rolled up the left over pastry and cut it into 2cm circles, brushed some apricot jam on it and put a dollop of filling on top – after cooling down I dipped the bottom in 70% dark chocolate and ended up with a wonderful cookie. After that I still had some filling left, so I made some 4cm cookies from just the left over filling and again dipped the underside in chocolate. So I was able to take Diós kosárka done three ways to the family gathering. So thank for putting this and all your other recipes together in your blog, I have looked through many already and will continue to look at them all.

    • Eszter says:

      Hello Robert, It was a pleasure to read your comment about making kosárka and using scraps creatively. I’m glad that you can benefit from the recipes I publish, my intention was to help those whose knowledge of language is not good enough to read the Hungarian recipes, but would like to cook traditional dishes. I hope you will give a try to other recipes as well. If I may suggest, you should make flódni next time (addiction guaranteed).

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