Sour cream chicken stew of Beregszász

by | Nov 24, 2023 | Meat dishes

Beregszász (Berehove), located in the south-western part of Ukraine, 6 km from the Beregsurány-Asztély Hungarian-Ukrainian border crossing point, has the largest Hungarian community in Transcarpathia and serves as a significant Hungarian cultural center, preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of the Hungarian people in the region. One culinary gem of Beregszász is sour cream chicken stew, which is a comforting and hearty dish.

The stew’s preparation involves simmering the chicken in a flavorful broth infused with the aromatic essence of bay leaves and paprika. Mustard adds a tangy kick, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. To achieve the stew’s creamy and luscious texture, the stew is thickened with a flour and sour cream mixture.


Sour cream chicken stew of Beregszász
Sour cream chicken stew of Beregszász – photo:
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Hungarian cottage cheese

This is what Hungarian túró looks like

You often ask me what kind of cottage cheese (or curd cheese or farmer's cheese - call it what you want) I use in the recipes. In Hungary the store-bought cottage cheese is dry and crumbly as you can see in the picture. So if a recipe calls for túró, I mean this type. If you can't obtain túró, you can try to make your own from whole milk. Click on the link below.

Metric system vs cup

In Hungary metric units are in use, all the recipes on this website are based on this system, so a kitchen scale is necessary. Since I’m not familiar with cup as a measurement unit, I convert grams to cups by using an online converter. The values in brackets, therefore, are only approximate volumes, so, please, double-check them before you start cooking.

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