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Kedves szelet

Kedves szelet

Kedves szelet is an old-fashioned layered cake, which has been a beloved dessert in my family for decades. It consists of 3 soft cake layers, which contain lard and sour cream, and two kinds...

Túró Rudi torta

Túró Rudi torta

Túró Rudi is one those things that makes the Hungarian heart beat faster. It’s the sweets Hungarians living abroad miss the most. This popular cottage cheese filled chocolate bar has been produced since 1968....

Goosefoot cake / Lúdláb torta

Goosefoot cake – Lúdláb torta

Its popularity is equal to Rigó Jancsi, at hearing its name chocolate fans sigh pleasurably evoking the taste of rum soaked sour cherries hidden in the dark chocolate cream filling. There are no authentic...

Hungarian royal icing filled isler / Habos isler

The Hungarian royal icing filled isler – Habos isler

The Hungarian isler filled with royal icing (habos isler), apart from its shape and the chocolate glaze, has nothing to do with its namesake, the traditional Austrian ischler. This cookie is a rarity from...

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