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Hortobágy pork stew with sausage

Hortobágy pork stew with sausage

If you hear the word Hortobágy, you may associate it with the puszta, herd of grey cattles or the famous meat crepes. But there is also a stew that was named after Hungary’s oldest...

Pork roast with lecsó and toasted egg barley noodles

Pork roast with lecsó

Lecsó is basically a meatless summer dish usually combined with beaten eggs, rarely with rice. But if you find it too light, you can serve lecsó with a pork roast and toasted egg barley...

Lecso with zucchini

Lecsó with courgettes

Lecsó is a simple stew of glorious vegetables, the perfect example of a dish that is truly way grander than the sum of its ingredients. The traditional lecsó consists of only 3 ingredients: onion,...

Gyuvecs - Serbian layered lecsó with pork


Gyuvecs is a Balkan layered dish made up of lecsó, meat, rice and/or potatoes. The word gyuvecs refers to a ceramic dish that this food was originally cooked in. Bosnians make gyuvecs with mutton,...

Layered egg barley

Layered egg barley

Similar to layered potatoes this egg barley dish is made up with sliced sausages and hard boiled eggs, it’s, however, also turbocharged with an extra layer of lecsó ( you know the Hungarian ratatouille...



Lecsó looks faintly like the French ratatouille, however the main ingredients of this typical Hungarian summer one-course meal are pepper, tomato and onion. There are countless versions of lecsó, everyone has their own recipe...

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