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Cottage cheese pie - Túrós pite

Túrós pite – Cottage cheese pie

If you want to eat a tasteful, soft and mellow cottage cheese pie, you have to make your own cake. Store-bought pie usually fall short of expectations, in order to avoid disappointment you’d better...

Túró Rudi torta

Túró Rudi torta

Túró Rudi is one those things that makes the Hungarian heart beat faster. It’s the sweets Hungarians living abroad miss the most. This popular cottage cheese filled chocolate bar has been produced since 1968....

Hunter style beef with bread roll dumplings / Vadas marha zsemlegombóccal

Hunter style beef with bread roll dumplings

Vadas is a popular preparation method of game meat, but it works well with beef, too. Vadas or hunter style meat is a complex and rich dish with the fine balance of sweet and...

Strawberry cottage cheese cake

Strawberry cottage cheese cake

The strawberry season lasts from mid-May till mid-June in Hungary, and market stalls are now sagging under the weight of the queen of the fruits. Strawberries belong to the family of roses, and they...

Roasted lemon pheasant with apple-onion sauté

Lemon roast pheasant with onion-apple sauté

Hunting has a long tradition in Hungary, the diversified and ample game population provides great possibilities for hunters nearly all year round. The atmosphere of coursings in the autumn-winter season is fascinating and incomparable....

Elderflower soft drink

Elderflower soft drink

Hungary is in elderflower season right now and it’s the perfect time to make a refreshing drink from the heavily scented blossoms of Sambucus nigra. Don’t buy expensive elderflower drink, it’s quick and easy to...

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