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Cabbage and noodles / Káposztás tészta

Noodles with cabbage – made in a somewhat different way

Fried cabbage with noodles is an old dish of the Hungarian cuisine, which often appears on the households’ dining table. The authentic version of káposztás tészta (this is how it’s called in Hungarian) consists...

Potato pasta / Krumplis tészta

Potato pasta – Krumplis tészta

Potato pasta, also known as gránátos kocka or grenadírmars, is a simple and cheap dish made from potatoes and noodles. Despite that its recipe varies from region to region, cooking method and seasoning can...

Pork stew in Bakony style

Pork stew in Bakony style

There are several dishes in Hungary that are made in Bakony style, named after Bakony, the westernmost and largest member of the Transdanubian Mountains. It is located north of Lake Balaton and lies almost...

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