Sajtos stangli – Cheesy sticks

Sajtos stangli is a popular bakery product in Hungary, which is made from a soft yeast dough rich in butter and sour cream. These cheesy sticks can also be called the “big brother” of cheese straws. For this recipe you only need a few simple ingredients that you are likely to have in your everyday fridge.

(Recipe is from Rupáner-konyha)

Sajtos stangli - Cheesy sticks
Sajtos stangli – Cheesy sticks – photo:

Ingredients: (this quantity yields 14 stanglis -> size 12×5 cm / 4 3/4 x 2 inch)

For the dough:

  • 500 g (~4 cups) flour
  • 200 g (~7 oz) butter
  • 35 g (~1 1/4 oz) fresh yeast (~3 1/2 tsp dry yeast)
  • 2 eggs
  • 15 g (~3 tsp) salt
  • 175 g (~1 1/2 cups) sour cream

For the filling:

  • 50g (~1 3/4 oz) butter, melted
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 250 g (~8 3/4 oz) semi-hard cheese, grated

In a bowl combine flour and yeast. Add butter, eggs, salt and sour cream and knead until smooth and rollable. Cover the dough and let it rise in a lukewarm place for 40 minutes.

On a floured surface roll out the dough into a thin rectangle. Spread the dough with melted butter, then scatter two-thirds of the grated cheese on it. Fold the left third of the dough to the centre, then fold the right third over that. Finally fold in half.

Roll out the dough into a 2 cm / 3/4 inch thick oblong, brush with beaten egg and sprinkle the rest of the cheese over it. Cut into 12×5 cm (4 3/4 x 2 inch) pieces and place them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Let the cheesy sticks rest while you are preheating the oven to 200°C / 392°F. Bake them for 18-20 minutes or until golden brown.

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