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Sheperd’s noodles / Pásztortarhonya

Pásztortarhonya is a typical Hungarian one-pot meal, a great and filling legacy of old times. Hungarians’ ancestors were stock-breeder and they lived a nomadic life; therefore, they were forced to cook simple, but substantial...

Túrós csusza

Túrós csusza

Túrós csusza is a traditional Hungarian pasta dish that consists of egg noodles, curd cheese, sour cream and smoked bacon. The noodles are cooked in salted water, drained, mixed with curd cheese, topped with...

Potato dumplings with bryndza

Sztrapacska – Potato dumplings with bryndza

Although Bryndzové halusky or sztrapacska is actually a Slovak dish, the recipe can’t be omitted from my list. The Slovaks are the third largest minority in Hungary, according to the estimates of minority organisations,...


Eggy dumplings

Here in Hungary we have some “national” dishes which make us sentimental when we think of them, but foreigners usually react with raised eyebrows if we mention these dishes to them. One of these...

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