Túrós csusza – Cottage cheese noodles

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Noodles

Túrós csusza is a traditional Hungarian pasta dish that consists of egg noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream and smoked bacon. The noodles are cooked in salted water, drained, mixed with cottage cheese, topped with sour cream and lardons, and baked for a few minutes before serving.

The original noodles used for this dish are homemade, mixing flour, eggs and water into a dough, and torn by hand to uneven pieces. Making your own noodles is cheap, but time-consuming. Dumping a bag of egg noodles in the pot is easier, but if you have time and you are in the mood, give it a try, because homemade noodles are far superior, they and purchased pastas can’t be mentioned in the same breath.

As you can see, dill is listed among the ingredients, although it is not part of the classic recipe. But in my family it’s an obligatory spice of túrós csusza, it gives the noodles an extra “tone”, which makes the dish rich and intense. If you don’t like it, you may leave it out.

Túrós csusza
Túrós csusza – photo: zserbo.com
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Hungarian cottage cheese

This is what Hungarian túró looks like

You often ask me what kind of cottage cheese (or curd cheese or farmer's cheese - call it what you want) I use in the recipes. In Hungary the store-bought cottage cheese is dry and crumbly as you can see in the picture. So if a recipe calls for túró, I mean this type. If you can't obtain túró, you can try to make your own from whole milk. Click on the link below.

Metric system vs cup

In Hungary metric units are in use, all the recipes on this website are based on this system, so a kitchen scale is necessary. Since I’m not familiar with cup as a measurement unit, I convert grams to cups by using an online converter. The values in brackets, therefore, are only approximate volumes, so, please, double-check them before you start cooking.

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