Garlic chicken soup

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Soups

Family recipes are really appreciated when a loved one passes away, and you realize that those earlier underrated dishes can also keep their memories alive. Garlic chicken soup is an old school dish, one of those memories that bind our family. My granny often made it, every time we eat this soup, it reminds us of her and how she bustled around the stove.

Contrary to the traditional stock, preparing this soup doesn’t require so much time, it’s not simmered for hours, just cooked over medium-low heat until the meat is tender; it takes about an hour. As the cooking time is relatively short, vegetables and meat are added to the soup at the same time, in order to let more flavours dissolve; don’t worry, veggies won’t be mushy. Scum doesn’t have to be skimmed off as the goal is not a limpid soup in this case. Once the soup is ready, you don’t have to drain it, just leave it to rest for 20-30 minutes before you serve it.

Garlic chicken soup
Garlic chicken soup – photo:
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Hungarian cottage cheese

This is what Hungarian túró looks like

You often ask me what kind of cottage cheese (or curd cheese or farmer's cheese - call it what you want) I use in the recipes. In Hungary the store-bought cottage cheese is dry and crumbly as you can see in the picture. So if a recipe calls for túró, I mean this type. If you can't obtain túró, you can try to make your own from whole milk. Click on the link below.

Metric system vs cup

In Hungary metric units are in use, all the recipes on this website are based on this system, so a kitchen scale is necessary. Since I’m not familiar with cup as a measurement unit, I convert grams to cups by using an online converter. The values in brackets, therefore, are only approximate volumes, so, please, double-check them before you start cooking.

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