Hungarian potato soup

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4 Responses

  1. Rick kish says:

    Nothing like hungarian food.the secret is rendered lard.a flavor with hungarian paprika go hand and hand.I love chicken paprikash and add a hot hungarian pepper while cooking.enjoy all.

  2. susanledyard says:

    This looks so good. My great-grandmother, who came over to America from Budapest brought many delicious recipes with her. She made a version of this soup and it is a family favorite! Hungarian cooking brings the whole family together. Thank you for this recipe. I make my great-grandmother’s version, but I’m going to add this one to my collection too.

    • Eszter says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Susan. Homemade dishes, especially old family recipes can be considered a kind of love language. I’m sure your potato soup is tasty, too. Btw, my recipe, too, comes from my great-grandmother.

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